Take a look at our wide choice of conveyor systems, which are built to high standards and ideal for use in all kinds of industries. We tailor our conveyors to suit your needs, assembling them in the size and structure you require, so that they are perfect for your business straight away.

Flat Belt Conveyor systems

We offer a range of steel flat belt conveyor systems. The high hygiene standards of these conveyors mean they are ideal for industries that deal with food, including baked goods, fresh produce and meat. Sturdy construction means that little maintenance is required.

Our mild steel flat belt conveyor systems provide an effective way of moving products within a wide range of industries, such as automotive parts or building materials. A polyurethane profile on the underside of the belt ensures it runs within the guides and stays on track. You can even choose the material that will work best for you, from a choice of powder coated steel or stainless steel.


We offer stainless steel elevators, which meet the hygiene standards required for businesses that work with food. They are even built to withstand high pressure hose cleaning, so that you can maintain impeccable hygiene at all times. We tailor your elevator to a height and angle that is ideal for the products being moved, and hoppers and discharge chutes come in a range of sizes to suit the volume you are working with. Covers that fit to the top and bottom ensure that everything stays safely within the elevator while moving.

Turn Key Conveyor systems

We have a lengthy history of supplying the food industry with turn key food handling systems, and our engineers can make sure you receive exactly what you need. These systems can be installed quickly, and are supplied along with the extra equipment you need, such as electricals and on-site wiring.

Our turn key belt conveyor systems are also popular among other industries, ideal for moving a wide range of items, from toys to waste.

Turn key roller conveyor systems are also extremely versatile and perfect for use in most industries that require the movement of products. They consist of rollers that are mounted parallel to one another, moving products along as they turn.

Inclined Belt Conveyors

Inclined belt conveyor systems are similar to flat belt conveyors, but are able to move products upwards at an angle. Grips along the belt help to ensure the product’s security as it travels, and polyurethane profiles on the underside of the belt keep it on track. Our inclined belt conveyors can be made to the widths, lengths, and angles you require, and can be built to carry a range of loads.

Mezzanine Floor Conveyors

Mezzanine floor conveyors, also called inter-floor conveyors, are able to withstand heavy weights, and can be used to both store and transfer products of all kinds of dimensions. They come with a range of accessories, including controls options, supports and guide systems, and are able to run on different drive configurations.

Plastic Conveyors

Plastic conveyor systems, made from Polyacetal, Polypropylene, or Polyethylene, provide a sturdy way of moving products in a range of ways. They are highly versatile, and can be built with open or closed tops, and grip or skid surfaces. These conveyors are cost effective, as well as being low maintenance, resistant to corrosion and hygienic.

Pallet Conveyors

Many industries use pallets to store products, and require conveyors that will transport the pallets along with what is on them. Our pallet conveyor systems are built to handle heavy products, using thick walled rollers moved by chains. They are compatible with the rest of your equipment, and products can be fed onto them from machines and fork lifts.

Lineshaft Conveyors

Lineshaft powered roller conveyors are ideal for the accumulation of products, without causing a great deal of pressure on products at the front. These systems are used for lighter products, such as cardboard and plastic boxes, and are popular on production lines. A drive shaft beneath the conveyor drives a polyurethane belt, which powers the rollers.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

This economical way of conveying products employs gravity to move lightweight things such as trays and boxes. A slight incline can be used to help products to move more quickly, or even to fall some of the distance. Gravity roller conveyor systems are easily to tailor to all kinds of designs, and different widths, lengths and inclines can be achieved. Braked rollers can be used to slow down products after an incline, so although no power is used, you can achieve a great deal of control over the system.

Bespoke Equipment

Most of the conveyor systems we work with are extremely versatile, and we are happy to tailor systems to your requirements. Our team of design and product engineers will discuss your needs with you, before creating a conveyor system that caters for your intended purposes.