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Mild Steel Belt Conveyors

L.A.C. Conveyors produce literally hundreds of  belt conveyors a year, which find their way into a multitude of industries. A huge standard range of conveyors are available utilising PVC, PU, Rubber and Modular belting. One of our most popular mild steel conveyors is the mild steel flat belt conveyor. All conveyors will be designed and manufactured for each particular application. From small packaging conveyors to assembly lines , from warehousing to processing lines, we are confident we have the range of equipment to suit your handling requirement.

 Key Features

  • Cost effective systems and design
  • Manufactured from Mild steel powder coated or plastic
  • Built to last, incorporated robust designs
  • Fully customisable to suit the specific environment and product being conveyed
  • Configuration options including horizontal, inclined, swan neck
  • Multitude of belting options, PU, PVC, Rubber, Anti Cut, Anti Marking, flighted, side walled, modular, steel plate
  • Widths available from 25mm to 3000mm
  • Loadings available from 10kg per m to 1000 kg per m
  • Many drive configurations available from shaft mounted, drive drum, underslung
  • Accessories, many control, side guide and support options are available.