Pallet Conveyors

Powered Roller & Pallet Conveyors

The most robust and heavy duty of the powered conveyor series, predominantly used for heavier products such as pallets, and are also called pallet conveyors. Other heavy duty purposes include drum handling and storage where the product is usually fed onto the conveyor by a machine or fork truck.

Our Powered Roller Conveyors comprise of components that are designed for both heavy duty usage and flexibility. They consist of sprocketed thick walled rollers driven by chain to chain or tangential (one common chain) drive mechanism, a fully enclosed side frame and an external shaft mounted motor.

LAC Conveyors have produced a standard and bespoke range of Conveyors, fully designed and manufactured in-house from our facilities in Nottingham, encompassing the widest range of applications and environments.

Key Features

  • Pallet conveyors can either be stand alone conveyors (probably one drive per 7,000mm of track – depending on load and application), with stop/start or form fully automated zero pressure accumulation systems
  • Accessories would typically include:- entry guides, blade stops, merges, 90 degree cross transfers – control system options and guiding systems
  • Generally constructed from powder coated mild steel (as standard)
  • All pallet conveyor tracks utilise a simple robust and modular design with standard 80mm diameter rollers (mild steel self colour) set at 182mm pitch
  • Most widths and length can be achieve, although this is dependant on the load, application and environment
  • Typical speeds are: 3.8m/min, 5.7m/min, 7.0m/min, 8.8m/min, 12.0m/min & 14.0m/min